Having experienced several building and renovation projects, we are happy to report, that it is possible to be on good, even great terms with one’s contractor for the duration, through to the end, of our project.  We always had wondered if this was possible.  It seems that any building contractor that did excellent work, in a specified time frame, around about halfway or two thirds through the project, would be sporadic, and unreliable, difficult to reach, difficult to schedule, and so on.

And so it is, that we can attest to the reliability of Rigg Contracting.  Evan and his staff are professional, courteous, hardworking.  The level of skill is high, be it carpentry, electrical, or plumbing.   As well, Evan is an impressive problem solver, which is crucial.
Please feel welcome to contact us if you are considering the services of Rigg Contracting Inc.

Carole and Clifton Magness

Santa Barbara, Ca